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VP of Technology and Innovation – CURA Division

Matt Kenyon is a leader in the wearable electronics industry with a passion for Signal Processing and Machine Learning algorithms.
With a bachelor and master’s degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, Matt is currently the VP of Technology and Innovation of the CURA division at CurAegis Technologies Inc. where he leads development of the myCadian™ Guardian Watch and CURA™ Software. He previously led the development of a wearable device for detecting concussions in sports-related impacts as well as worked at Harris RF Communications in the Advanced Development Group.
Throughout his career, Matt has been active in sharing his innovative ideas to other professionals in the growing industry. He was chosen to present a Keynote Presentation entitled “Wearables at Work: a User Risk Assessment and Remediation System” at the SomnoSafe International Symposium in March of 2016, an important annual International Symposium on Somnolence, Vigilance and Safety. In addition to SomnoSafe’s Scientific Committee, which includes members globally, attendees included doctors, scientists and industry experts from transportation, health care, government and many other private sectors from around the world.
In March 2017, Matt will head to San Diego, California to speak at the 10th International Conference on Managing Fatigue. Scientists from around the globe will be gathered to discuss fatigue in transportation and other sectors such as natural resources, mining, healthcare, and the military.
Throughout his career, Matt has led the development of products that have been recognized for several achievements. Among these awards include Innovation Honoree at the International CES (Consumer Electronics Show). Additional awards at CES include innovation awards in the following categories:

1. Wearable Technologies
2. Fitness, Sports, and Biotech
3. Tech for a Better World

Matt currently holds a patent for a device that detects an impact event as well as several patents pending with CurAegis Technologies. His notable success in the industry has given him a foundation to truly influence the future of wearable technology.

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