Curaegis Technologies has redefined fluid power industry. The result is the Aegis Pump and Motor — a major breakthrough in fluid power technology.

We’ve eliminated the rotating piston group (the cylinders are stationary), making the pump tremendously powerful and easy to manufacture. The cylinder block now acts as a housing, shrinking the overall diameter by as much as 1/3 compared to traditional technology. Utilizing a rotating swash plate reduces rotational inertia that is up to 1/3 that of rotating cylinder block designs. Curaegis Technologies's patented valving has been integrated to increase efficiencies at both peak and off peak operation.

The challenge was to design a pump that would efficiently deliver the necessary power, while reducing the size and weight of the pump, using parts that can be manufactured at high volume and low cost. The design solution:

  • A pump with extremely high power density (horsepower to weight ratio)
  • Significant reduction in weight and size compared to, traditional hydraulic pumps
  • Reduced fuel consumption (GPH) for mobile equipment
  • Larger displacement in a smaller frame size, an ideal solution for mobile applications
  • Low parasitic losses
  • Stationary cylinder block does not need a large spring force that must be overcome in operation
  • An explosion of market opportunities are possible, thanks to Curaegis Technologies innovation

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