CurAegis Technologies has redefined the fluid power industry. The result is the Aegis Pump and Motor — a major breakthrough in fluid power technology. 

We’ve eliminated the rotating piston group (the piston block is stationary), making the unit tremendously powerful and easy to manufacture. The piston block acts as a housing, shrinking the overall diameter by as much as 1/3 compared to traditional technology. Utilizing a rotating swash plate reduces rotational inertia that is up to 1/3 that of conventional designs, which provides for greater speed characteristics.

The Aegis Pump and Motor, with patented valving and rotating swashplate technology, is innovatively designed to deliver greater efficiencies, during peak and off-peak operation, in a package that is smaller, lighter, and quieter than current offerings.

Features and Advantages:Pump-and-Motor.jpg

  • Higher overall efficiency 
  • Greater power density
  • Smaller footprint
  • High reliability
  • Long service life
  • Ease of service
  • Lower noise
  • Lower friction losses
  • Enhanced suction characteristics
  • Reversible drive; configurable as pump or motor

The development of our hydraulic pump and motor has taken on added significance in light of recent U.S. government emissions regulations for off road diesel engines. These regulations require diesel engines to pollute less. To help achieve these new standards, it is necessary for diesel engines, and thus the hydraulic pumps, to run at lower rotational speeds. This requires larger displacement pumps to be installed to compensate for the decrease in rotational speed. Among other advantages, the unique technology of our hydraulic pump allows a larger displacement pump to fit into the same or smaller footprint than that of existing pumps. This enables manufacturers to keep the current equipment layout without the need for expensive modifications to accomodate larger units.

In order to design a device that would efficiently deliver the necessary power, we have reduced the size and weight of the device while using parts that can be manufactured at high volume and low cost. Our unique axial piston technology offers the marketplace a revolutionary new concept in hydraulic pumps and motors that, compared to conventional units, is:

  • Smaller and lighter,
  • More efficient,
  • As reliable,
  • Price competitive, and
  • Unique in its ability to scale larger, allowing more powerful pumps and motors.


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