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Vice President of Sales - Busing

William is a true professional, whose strength is in operations and sales. He has been in senior management for 3 major retail companies. He has founded, owned, and been President of three of his own retail and on-line web based companies throughout the State of New York for 35 years. Currently President of a Bus transportation company in which during his tenure has become extremely aware of how important the safety and fitness of drivers is. The key factor in operating a safe and profitable transportation company is to have 100% of your drivers “Fit for Duty”. William has come to CurAegis Technologies to help the transportation industry become with the help of the CurAegis product line a much safer industry. William currently sits on a national safety board in which its main objective is to improve upon Driver fitness and safety throughout the transportation industry. 

He is responsible for identifying and coordinating customer opportunities within the busing industry as well as providing feedback to management on the user/customer experience. 


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