Included in the CURA system, CurAegis offers Z-Coach™, a robust, proven and proprietary online sleep training, fitness and nutrition education solution to address sleep issues and improve wellness. In the event that the CURA software analytics detect an issue, Z-Coach creates a back end solution needed to evoke change and improve behavior. All content was created by highly respected fatigue management scientists.

Z-Coach learning topics include:

  • Risks and Costs of Fatigue
  • Fundamentals of Sleep
  • Fatigue Mitigation
  • Fatigue Countermeasures
  • Realistic Assessments and Examples

Z-Coach participants gain an awareness of the dangers inherent in the lack of sleep and learn to utilize lifestyle tools to make changes to improve their health, mood, productivity and safety. We create customized modules for various industries. CurAegis plans to release five industry-specific versions of Z-Coach in conjunction with the launch of the CURA system and the myCadian watch.
Currently Available:

  • Z-Coach Pro: an online fatigue management training platform developed by leading sleep specialists, designed for all. Released in June 2016, the course provides science-based information, practical strategies and tools to enhance sleep, alertness, performance and safety in the workplace and everyday life.
  • Z-Coach Aviation 2.0: has been designed for aviation professionals, from flight and ground crews, to scheduling, dispatch, administration and management.
  • Z-Coach Transportation: has been designed for members of the trucking and busing industry including drivers, dispatchers, administration and management.


Human fatigue is a serious threat to safety and productivity in any industry.

What is fatigue? It is a physiological state of reduced mental or physical performance capability resulting from sleep loss or extended wakefulness, circadian phase, or workload (mental and/or physical activity) that can impair one’s alertness and ability to function safely.

The NTSB, FAA, ICAO, and IBAC are just few of the governmental organizations that recognize the danger posed by fatigue and recommend adopting measures to manage fatigue risk.

The Z-Coach Aviation 2.0 fatigue training e-learning course offered by CurAegis Technologies is superb - and appropriate for employees of any high-reliability organization. However, it is of particular importance for pilots, flight attendants, dispatchers and maintainers of any flight operation. I endorse this critical training without reservation, and I encourage all flight department managers and safety officers to include Z-Coach in their arsenal of safety tools.
Michael Atzert
International 767 PIC
Flight Department Safety Captain

Our pilots have been using the Z-Coach alertness and fatigue management training for a number of years with great success. I can’t tell you how many times I have had pilots come up to me with comments like "I had no idea what sleep debt was, or how it impacted me, before Z-Coach," and "Z-Coach provided some of the most beneficial, and enlightening training I have ever received." My favorite is "Z-Coach completely changed my lifestyle." I know that since integrating Z-Coach into our program our number of fatigue related incidents has decreased noticeably.
Chief Pilot, Part 135 Air Carrier

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank CurAegis for all their assistance with our fatigue management training. We needed a fatigue training product for our flight department and Z-Coach filled this need perfectly.
The online program is comprehensive, engaging and easy to use. Our associates were able to learn about all aspects of fatigue, including the science and mitigation strategies.

Customer service and training status reports are top notch! We are a repeat customer and would highly recommend Z-Coach for all fatigue training needs.
Lee Crabtree 
Safety Team Leader
Corporate Aviation

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