The myCadian™ watch with CURA™ software is the first and only wearable system that scientifically analyzes a user’s unique circadian rhythm, sleep patterns and other biological metrics. As the myCadian gathers sleep and activity data, the proprietary CURA™ (Circadian User Risk Assessment) software identifies degradation of alertness in a user and can also reveal sleep and fatigue problems. The myCadian™ watch can alert the user—and third parties, if desired—to let them know their alertness is degrading. This is especially important when an individual’s alertness is essential in properly performing tasks, fulfilling responsibilities, and averting disasters.

A Cornell University study found that tired workers cost U.S. industry $150 billion a year in reduced job productivity and fatigue-related accidents and it is estimated that 250,000 drivers per day fall asleep at the wheel.

Proper sleep is the basis for all wellness and manifests in the workplace with higher productivity, less absenteeism, fewer accidents and mistakes while creating a better quality of life for the individuals. These improvements can have a very positive effect on corporate profits without additional operational burdens to the company. To empower employees with important information about fatigue, sleep and health, CurAegis has developed Z-Coach™, an online interactive learning tool that helps educate and promote healthy sleeping habits, combat jet lag and manage challenging work schedules.

The myCadian™ watch provides state of the art fitness tracking - packed with the latest biological sensors to monitor, steps, heart rate, calories and more.

For more detailed information about the myCadian™ watch, CURA™ software and Z-Coach™ download the brochure below:

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Comparison with Leading Fitness Wearables

Benefits CURA™ System Other Wearables
Tracks steps & other fitness activities and metrics YES YES
Tracks and predicts a degradation of alertness YES NO
Personalized identification and remediation of sleep problems YES NO
Tracks Circadian Rhythms YES NO
Adaptive algorithms that collect and analyze information to predict individual levels of sleep, fatigue & alertness YES NO
Predicts & notifies third parties of dangerous or critical situations due to fatigue YES NO

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