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10 Tricks to Fight Midday Fatigue

We've all been there: a super-productive morning finishing projects, knocking out emails, and meeting deadlines. Then, the afternoon rolls around and we might as well log-off, pack up our things and call it quits for the day. Drowsiness has reached peak levels, productivity has fallen to a minimum, and we don't think we can recover.  

However, it’s completely normal to feel super-tired after lunch-time. Oftentimes, we have our circadium rhythm to blame, which affects our sleep patterns. The biggest dip in energy happens in the middle of the night and just after lunchtime for most adults.

Other factors, including what we eat, how hydrated we are, and how much time we spend staring at screens or completing monotonous activities can also affect our energy levels.

Thinking about making a bed under your desk? Consider these different ways you can boost your energy levels. 
  1. Take a social break. Interacting with coworkers or peers can help re-energize the brain.
  2. Tea time. With less caffeine than a cup of coffee, a cup of tea can give you that afternoon pick-me-up without making you stay awake all night. 
  3. Quick exercise break. A midday trip to the gym may not only boost productivity, it could fight off sleepiness as well. Stick to light aerobic exercises. Don’t have time to hit the gym? Try these "deskercises" to work out right in your office!
  4. Stretch it Out. Don't have enough time for a workout, stretch it out! Even if there isn't space in your office to fully spread out, try a handful of these desk stretches to keep the muscles loose.
  5. Hydrate. It may sound too simple, but drink a big glass of water. Dehydration can quickly make a person groggy.
  6. Graze. Going without food for too long allows blood sugar levels to dip. Eating small meals throughout the day can help you maintain high blood sugar and keep your energy up. Try to eat regularly to maintain your energy levels throughout the day. Instead of eating three big meals per day, try eating six mini-meals to spread your kilojoule intake more evenly. This will result in more constant blood sugar and insulin levels.
  7. Get moving. A brisk walk or even 10 minutes of stretching at your desk improves blood flow and boosts energy. 
  8. Mix it up. Working on the same project for hours? Try tackling another task to stay stimulated and keep things fresh at the desk.
  9. Get some Vitamin D. Step outside the office and soak in some rays. The body requires vitamin D to raise and maintain energy levels. 
  10. Take a catnap. While the tricks above are only useful to mask the feeling of sleepiness, typically the best remedy for fatigue is a simple snooze. A power nap of 20 to 30 minutes will give you that boost you really need.
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